YES I am Healthy & Happy!

I started my Plexus journey to health in May 2017, with the TriPlex. I was skeptical it could do for me what I expected BUT it did, plus more! 

My experience while taking Plexus, natural plant based supplements;

I no longer have my many cravings, eat healthier, sleep better, have more energy, feel more calm, sick less often and lost weight!

Since taking Plexus supplements and while under my doctor's supervision I have been able to get off my prescription medications.  

My family health history has been a concern for me and the side effects that many prescribed medications can cause. My health goal is to keep my body healthy in a more natural way.

If you would like more information on Plexus please contact me.

I host monthly information sessions, most months offering a sample of Slim, the famous "Pink Drink", information on Gut Health and share my full health story.

May 2018 Plexus Worldwide introduced their NEW product a Skin Care line, Joyome!

Help your skin get healthy, feel great and look great in a natural way. . . making YOU look younger!

Contact me for more information! 


Ambassador #2498067

Joel Marie McDonald, Body Worker - Reiki Master

77 Second St. SW

Teulon, Manitoba, Canada


Mail: PO Box 762 Teulon, MB R0C 3B0

                                                                            May 2017