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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Spring is here, now lets get into gear!

We all need to take care of ourselves and too often we don't. Oh we intend too, but time gets away on us and then eventually so does our health. Our bodies and minds need balancing, I can help you do that, so let's get out of our houses and get moving, be with friends, family and come check out Joel Marie Calm Experience. But don't forget your umbrellas BECAUSE . . .

April Showers Bring May Flowers . . . Joel Marie Calm Experience is planning on showering you with savings this month when you book a Reiki, Access Bars or a Holistic Restorative Relaxation Massage session during the week of April 22 - 26, 2019.

I have 6 Easter Eggs of savings, 3 with 10% off, 1 with 20% off, 1 with 30% off and 1 with 40% off, you choose your savings by picking an Easter Egg before you pay!

I will be offering day time sessions on Monday, April 22, Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26,10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Bookings by calling or messaging ONLY. *Online booking WILL NOT be available for daytime slots.

Tuesday, April 23 and Wednesday April 24 offer usual evening sessions, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm slots and can be booked online. Hurry and schedule your session so you can pick an egg and save!

Mother's Day is May 12, 2019, be prepared and get your mother a Joel Marie Calm Experience Session as a Gift! All Gift Certificate purchases during April 22 - 26, 2019 will be 20% Off!

This month has also been AMAZING with my Plexus Worldwide business, we celebrated

Plexus' One Year Anniversary in Canada on March 21!

Yes we are a Health Canada Approved company!!!!! That's HUGE!

Want more information about Gut Health and Plexus Supplements?

I host monthly Gut Health Information Sessions, contact me 204-886-7106 or through Facebook Messenger if you would like more information. In March I held a Gut Health information session in Garson, MB and this month I'm heading to Russell, MB., details TBA. I've had 5 ladies join me within the last month wanting to get healthy with me!

In May 2019, stay tuned for more information and a giveaway or two, as I will be Celebrating my Two Year Anniversary of getting my Gut Healthy!

Join me and some friends on April 11, 2019 at 7:00 pm, on a Private Facebook Group, called Journey 2 Health. I will be sharing my story, it's absolutely life changing. Ask me to add you to the group, there are many amazing testimonies in there.

Have a Fabulous April and See you soon!


Joel Marie

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