Soap Nuts . . . Nature's Laundry Soap

Why Use Soap Nuts?

Natural – Organically grown with no added chemicals, fragrances, dyes or filler.s

Biodegradable – Breaks down grey water in septic tanks, low suds (great for HE washing machines) better for environment and compostable.

Hypoallergenic – No additives, gentle on skin. Great for persons with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema or psoriasis.

Cost Effective– Soap nuts can be reused over and over until saponin is used up. Saves water no need for rinse cycle, no soapy residue to rinse away.Softens clothes, reduces static no need to use fabric softener.

What Are They?

They are dried berries from the Sapindus Mukorossi (Soap Berry Tree) found in the Himalayas. The outer shell of the berry contains the saponin when wet releases         mild soap suds. Soap nuts have strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that    allow you to clean your clothes just as effectively without chemical detergents.

Soap Nut Pricing


250g bag - $8.00

*(aprox. 35+ loads)


500g bag - $12.00

*(aprox. 75+ loads)


1kg bag - $18.00

*(aprox. 150+ loads)


*Each bag above includes one cotton wash bag.


I am a

Young Living Essential Oil distributor; ask me for your favorite oil scent!

How to use soap nuts:

Add 3-5 full Soap Nut shells to the washing bag provided and pull the drawstring closed. Place the wash bag in the washing machine and wash as normal.


For brighter whites you may add a scoop of Oxygen Bleach to your wash.


In the case of heavy stains in your clothing you may pretreat as usual and then wash with Soap Nuts.


You may reuse the same Soap Nuts 4-6 times. Let them dry or use them right away for another load. Compost when Soap nuts are exhausted; they will become thin, look grey and mushy.


Soap Nuts release their saponin in water temperature above 30 Celcius. To wash your clothes in cold water, put your wash bag with Soap Nuts in a jar of warm water and shake to release the saponin, then add the contents to your wash of cold water or use a Soap Nut Liquid.

Add a few Soap Nuts to your cutlery tray in your dishwasher, vinegar in your rinse dispenser use your regular wash cycle for sparkling clean dishes.

Common questions:


Can someone with a nut allergy use Soap Nuts?

Yes, Soap Nuts are not nuts at all. They are actually berries.


Can I use Soap Nuts for cloth diapers?

Yes. Soap Nuts are antimicrobial and very effective at removing odors. Because Soap Nuts do not leave a residue it can also increase the absorbancy of your cloth diapers once it strips away any residue left behind by commercial detergents.


Can I use Soap Nuts with delicate fabrics?

Yes. Soap Nuts have a long history in India of use with finest silks and wool fabrics. Their low acid content makes them ideal for the most delicate hand washed items.


Do Soap Nuts leave a scent?

No. Although Soap Nuts themselves have a mild vinegar odor, after your clothes are washed and dried there is no scent left behind.

If you want a scent to your laundry you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto an empty wash bag and throw it in your dryer with your clothes.

How to make liquid soap:

  • Add 1 Cup Soap Nuts to about 6 Cups water.


  • Bring to a boil, turn off heat and allow mixture to sit covered overnight.


  • Strain Liquid Soap Nut Soap into an air tight glass or plastic container.


  • Water-based botanical plant extracts have a 3-4 day shelf life; refrigerate to extend shelf life up to 3 weeks.


  • To obtain a higher concentration of saponin, use half the water volume.


Use ¼ to ½ a cup of Soap Nut Liquid per load of laundry.


Soap Nut Liquid can be used for many other cleaning jobs around the home:

  • Washing Vegetables/Fruit

  • Shampoo/Body Wash

  • Kitchen/Bathroom Surfaces

  • Floors

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